Delegates will be able to choose three from nine of the following workshop sessions throughout the afternoon.

BIMcloud: Working as a Team

BIMcloud provides a platform for collaboration on projects within the office and over the Internet. Multiple team members efficiently work on a single model, dramatically reducing the amount of data being transferred. This session will explain how a team can simultaneously work on a “Virtual Building”, with instant element reservation and communication tools.

Information Management and Model Checking

Bond Bryan Digital have been working as Information Manager on a new £170million laboratory building for the University of Cambridge. In this session they share how they are tackling this role to manage and deliver high quality digital information. In particular, this session will explain Bond Bryan’s approach to model checking using Solibri at the heart of an openBIM process.

Level of Definition and Objects

A building information model contains both graphical and non-graphical information, accurately linked, clearly defined and well structured. As stages progress and proposals develop, the graphical and non-graphical data builds in a shared digital space. This session will provide an overview of the term “Level of Definition” with reference to objects, and managing and accessing data.

Mobile Communication and Virtual Reality (VR)

VR enables better understanding of design requirements before the foundations are laid, reducing waste, cost, and misunderstanding. This session will outline the virtual building concept and model-based project workflow, mobile communication, and VR. As a VR viewer will be provided, those attending will ideally require a smartphone with gyroscope to fully participate.

Pre and Post Contract BIM Execution Plans

This workshop will look at Pre and Post Contract BIM Execution Plans (BEP) with a view to explaining what they should contain. Delegates will leave with a better understanding of how to structure a BEP and what it should include.

Additionally, it will include real life examples of poor clauses within BIM execution plans, and how to spot and deal with the scope gaps.

BIM protocols: What are they? Do we need them? What should they contain?

The workshop will consider the function of BIM protocols in project documentation. It will consider the relationship of the BIM protocol with other project documentation such as construction contracts and consultant appointments. It will also consider the relationship of the BIM protocol with other BIM specific documentation such as Pre and Post Contract BIM Execution Plans.