These Awards recognise leading architectural studios, design collaborations and project sharing best practice; inspiring others to adopt new and better ways of working that deliver outstanding results.

They also create an opportunity to showcase your designs, publicise your studio and acknowledge and reward the hard work of your project team. Projects of all sizes, complexity, innovation and those that demonstrate collaboration are welcome.

You can enter more than one project per category.


The deadline for entries is 30 June so please submit your project as soon as possible. The shortlist will be revealed on 1 August and the winners will be announced at the Conference on 3 October 2019.

Judging Criteria

The judges will award out of all the individual category winners, the submission they feel best represents excellence and best practice.

They will be looking for: collaboration between multiple participants and use of IFC and open BIM; challenges solved with use of model based design; complexity of geometry; uniqueness of the project; creativity in the project execution and most importantly the wow factor!